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Kelowna International Midget AAA Hockey Tournament

The Kelowna International Midget AAA Hockey Tournament in British Columbia is an exciting annual hockey event. Young players from across the region come together and battle it out on the ice for the winning trophy!

The Kelowna Hockey Tournaments presents a challenge for all hockey players. This is a celebration of playing aggressively, but at the same time maintaining excellent sportsmanship. Proceeds from the tournament go into the Kelowna Minor Midget Hockey Program.

This is a community event which encourages: teamwork, hard work, and discipline. Scouts are often present to view the talent that has assembled, including the WHL, NCAA, and NAHL.

Come show off those slapshots and send your future into the net! The buzzer sounds! The puck is in! The crowd cheers! At the good old Midget AAA Tournament!

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