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Kelowna Art Gallery

Explore the artistic and creative world of Canada's cultural scene at the Kelowna Art Gallery. Rated one of the top public art galleries in Canada, The Kelowna Art Gallery showcases sensational art and classrooms to bring art to the community.

Founded in 1976, this non profit art society is dedicated to bring the best of Canadian art to the public. The Kelowna Art Gallery features over seven hundred permanent works of art. Featuring internationally acclaimed artists, the Kelowna Art Gallery delights visitors from around the world. The Kelowna Art Gallery includes an outdoor rotary courtyard, art lectures, community classes, and outreach programs. The Kelowna Art Gallery is a fabulous way to introduce children to the merits of art and interact with local artists. The Kelowna Art Gallery is more than just an art gallery, it's a community gathering place and a center to become part of a thriving community. The center of the Kelowna Art Gallery features the outdoor rotary courtyard that highlights phenomenal outdoor sculptures and local art work.

Art enthusiasts from around the world will find something to treasure in this local gem of a museum.

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