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Kelowna Apple Triathlon

The Kelowna Apple Triathlon takes place annually in Kelowna, British Columbia and has been voted the 2011 best Triathlon in Western Canada by readers of Get Out There magazine.

Since 1988, the Triathlon has been a site for world-class athletes, such as Canadian Simon Whitfield, who ran his first Triathlon event here in 1992 and went on to win an Olympic Gold medal in 2000. Whitfield has described the event as one of his favorite races to compete in. The Triathlon also has events for Youth and Teen Groups. Cash prizes are awarded for top finishers. The Triathlon offers an exciting experience for participants and spectators alike.

Beautiful views of the mountains and Okanagan Valley are features of the race course, and Kelowna offers many other opportunities for tourists as well. The rigorous Triathlon course provides the setting for many other activities surrounding this world-class event. You won't regret coming to Kelowna and taking part in the world-class Apple Triathlon, either by racing or watching!

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