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Kelowna Actors Studio

The dinner theatre at Kelowna Actors Studio has been hosting lovers of the arts since the early 2000’s. With room for 90 diners and seating for a total of 230, it is an intimate venue in which to take in a show. The show offerings are a little of something for everyone, combining classics and current hits for a vibrant menu of entertainment.

The studio hosts 10 shows each season. The season runs from September to August. The menu in the dinner theatre is tailored for each individual event, and consists of appetizer, main course and dessert. Cocktails, as well as a variety of beer and wine are also available to being added pleasure to your evening out.

Additionally, the studio is dedicated to educating young people about theatre arts, featuring youth troupes that present productions multiple times a year, while learning how to savor even the smallest role. Teaching musical theatre, acting and improv to children gives them additional opportunities to hone social skills, as well as an outlet to let their talents shine.

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