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Kasugai Japanese Garden

The Kasugai Japanese Garden can be found in Kelowna, British Columbia in Canada. This beautiful Japanese garden has acres of land that is right in the middle of downtown Kelowna.

There is a beautiful pond that people can sit around and enjoy. The pond has ducks for people to watch and possibly feed while they are indulging in the beauty of the park. The pond contains koi fish, also, which are very beautiful and enjoyable to watch. There is a beautiful waterfall in the pond that is both peaceful and relaxing for people to watch and indulge in. There is a beautiful stone garden in this Japanese garden for people to walk along and to look at. This garden is definitely inspired by Japan in terms of the design of the garden and its features. There is a path that is designed in a circle, which is very much like he Japanese design. A bamboo fountain graces the garden, as well.

This garden can be an enjoyable place for children, adults, and older adults. Don't miss the Kasugai Japanese Garden if you are in Kelowna.

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