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Father Pandosy Mission

The Father Pandosy Mission was the very first Euro-Canadian settlement to form in the Okanagan Valley. This site is responsible for making the beautiful City of Kelowna what it is today.

Rich in history, the site has been lovingly restored by the Knights of Columbus and the local historical society. The property is currently owned by the Catholic Church and jointly administered by both the church an historical society. Admission is granted on a donation basis and is open to the public during daylight hours from Easter to Thanksgiving. This affordable and enlightening experience can be enjoyed by all.

Recently, on May 26, 2012 a commemorative sculpture of Father Pandosy, original founder of the mission, was unveiled to celebrate the mission’s 150th anniversary. In addition to seeing the life sized statue created by local artist Crystal Przybille, be sure to visit the four original buildings at the mission that were accurately restored.

When planning a trip to Kelowna British Columbia, a trip to the Father Pandosy Mission will be awe inspiring, educational, and provides guests with a firsthand account of how Kelowna local identity.

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