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The CrocTalk Zoo is a refuge for Crocodiles and various other creatures established in the city of Kelowna, British Columbia. Their mission is to educate people about crocodiles, African wild cats, Sulcata tortoises, and various other crocodile-related animals.

Established in 2002, these Croc “talks” are educational events meant to teach about the conservation of animals and to educate people about what can be done in order to protect them. Croc talks are done on and off site, so they are perfect for community functions, birthday parties, fundraisers, or anything else that could use some educational excitement! These hands-on activities keep everyone interested and allow you to interact with the animals up close and personal.

Through verbal addresses and tactile experiences, adults and children alike can get experience small crocodilians (and even get to touch them!) first-hand, while learning about them at the same time. People also get the opportunity or interact with the tortoises as well. And if you can, try to stump the Croc guy! He knows it all. Everyone will love this unique experience. Bring your camera, because this is a moment you will not want to forget!

The CrocTalk Zoo is open Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday from noon to 5 pm. The CrocTalk Zoo is located at 4493A Steward Road East in Kelowna, British Columbia, near the intersection of Bedford Road and Stewart Road East. For only $13.50 for adults, you can learn about the amazing creatures at the CrocTalk Zoo. For more information, visit or call (250) 764-1616. |

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