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City Park

Located on the east side of the Okanagan Lake in downtown Kelowna, City Park is your destination for family fun and waterfront leisure. A bustling hub for locals and tourists alike, the park is vibrant in the summer months. An abundance of sandy beachfront awaits, as well as a scenic grassy park area for picnics, games, or sports.

Close to the city center for shopping, and parking nearby is easy and affordable, this activity-friendly park features a skatepark and courts for volleyball and basketball, as well as accommodations for showering and changing from swim clothing. City Park is a wonderful destination for family vacations thanks to its exciting waterpark and popular playground. Refreshments are just steps away along the boardwalk, or try your luck at the Lake City Casino in the nearby Grand Hotel. The park is also home to a delightful statue of Ogopogo, or as locals know it, Lake Okanagan's very own Loch Ness Monster.

Whether seeking entertainment, play, rest, or just sunny beautiful beaches, City Park is truly a dynamic spot and a gem of British Columbia.

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