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Big White Ski Resort

Searching for a sensational start to your skiing adventure and vacation? Skiing enthusiasts need look no further than the Big White Ski Resort located in Kelowna, Canada. This magical ski resort features dynamic ski runs for every skill level, all featuring Big White Ski Resort's famous powdery premium snow.

Situated against a picturesque ski village backdrop and stunning mountain views, The Big White Ski Resort is Canada's ultimate skiing destination. Big White Ski resort is located on Bit White mountain which stands over seven thousand feet. With over two thousand acres of ski country, this massive resort is any skiers dream. Big White resort features over hundred ski trails ranging in beginner level ski runs to advanced expert trails. The ski runs are accessible by gondola and high speed chair lifts that whisk visitors across the beautiful mountainside.

Big White Ski resort is also host to a number of fabulous snow themed activities that visitors of all ages and levels of experience can enjoy. Big White offers night skiing, children's classes and programs, snowmobiles, sleigh rides, dog sleds and even ice skating. Big White Ski Resort has all you need to make your winter adventure dreams come true. Big White Ski resort is an all inclusive ski retreat that features a charming ski village. The village is home to fabulous eateries, restaurants and ski shops that will transform your skiing vacation into a magical retreat.

Take some time out of your busy schedule and hit the slopes in style this ski seasons. Big White offers engaging powdery snow, dynamic and challenging ski runs and hundreds of places to explore making Big White Ski Resort the ultimate skiing paradise.

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