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Bear Creek Provincial Park

One of many scenic delights in the Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada area is Bear Creek Provincial Park. This park is located on the western side of Okanagan Lake, in Okanagan Lake Basin, in an area of spectacular, picturesque, beauty, nestled amongst trees and mountains. This area has served as the focal points of hundreds of thousands of photographs over the years, both before and after 1981, when the area was first given Provincial Park status.

Visitors to the area often find themselves entranced by it’s beauty, and quite taken with the park’s offerings, including 400 meters (roughly three football fields) of delightful sandy beaches. Of course, beaches aren’t the only attraction the park offers. Five kilometers (approximately 3 ½ miles) of clearly marked, scenic trails bring many in to enjoy hiking through the park’s natural beauty. Many others come to is Bear Creek Provincial Park for its recreational areas, which offer something for every member of the family to enjoy. Many times, this includes camping in it’s well-appointed and varied camping areas, which offer both flush and pit toilets, showers, fire pits, and everything else one could ask for.

Reservations are required in summer, due to the camping area’s popularity, but for those who weren’t lucky enough to reserve a space, there’ still no lack of things to do, including fishing, kayaking, and even interpretive programs to stimulate children’s minds.

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