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BC Wine Museum

Celebrate British Columbia's earthly delights at the BC Wine Museum located in Kelowna, Canada. British Columbia boasts an impressive array of wineries and produces succulent wine selections.

The BC Wine Museum chronicles and highlights this unique history allowing guests to step into the shoes of a vintner and bring home a bottle of British Columbia's finest wine. The BC Wine Museum features explores British Columbia's thriving wine industry and features a number of winery artifacts and relics that highlight the unique wine making process. The BC Wine museum is housed in a beautiful rustic building conveniently located in the downtown Kelowna area. The BC Wine Museum offers a select wine tasting east day for visitors to sample an offering of local British Columbia wine. The BC Wine Museum offers over six hundred wines all produced in the British Columbia area. A knowledgeable and friendly staff are happy to help you select the perfect wine for your dinner, event or food and wine pairing.

The BC Wine Museum celebrates local culture and introduces a wide range of visitors to beautiful British Columbia created wines. This charming locale is a wine enthusiasts paradise and a perfect way to toast your magnificent trip to Canada.

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