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BC Orchard Industry Museum

Escape from the hectic quality of your day and stroll through beautifully manicured apple orchards and enjoy a taste of the ripe pure fruit at your next visit to the BC Orchard Industry Museum in British Columbia, Canada. A charming slice of local history, visitors can learn how the land was transformed from open prairies into a thriving apple and fruit industry. With interactive harvest exhibits, visitors can participate hands on and watch as this fascinating industry comes to life.

The BC Orchard Industry Museum is housed in a picturesque old apple packing plant and features a number of fascinating exhibits including an archival photo collection, antique farm equipment and a dynamic interactive discovery center. The BC Orchard Industry Museum opened in 1989 and has been welcoming visitors from around the world. Visitors to the BC Orchard Industry learn about the fascinating fruit industry and how the fruit ends up from the tree to your kitchen table. Exhibits chronicle the history of how fruit is picked, packed, processed, preserved and marketed to the people and how much love, dedication, care and work goes into farming.

The BC Orchard Industry Museum also features a variety of interactive events throughout the year inviting the public to join in the harvesting activities at Cherry and Apple Fairs and travelling exhibits. Visitors can shop at the accompanying gift shop and bring home a mouthwatering taste of the region.

The BC Orchard Industry Museum provides a fascinating window into a thriving industry. Through the museum's dynamic exhibits, the visitors are transformed into the vibrant farming community and become a part of local history themselves.

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