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Area: 15.21 square miles land, 1.34 square miles water
Population: 125

“The friendliest ghost town in Alaska," Hyder works hard to maintain that reputation. Spectacular scenery (available free to all visitors) as well as great fishing, eagles to watch and bears to photograph.


Hyder was originally named Portland City by the unlucky group stranded there by an unscrupulous promoter. He had lured them north with promises of gold and then left them in what was once the most desolate area in Alaska. The name was changed to Hyder to honor geologist, F.B. Hyder. Hyder has always had a boom bust economy, and the local residents are philosophical because when it is good, it is very good.


There are a full range of services available in Hyder, with motels, restaurants bars and shops. The restaurants serve home-cooked meals and a variety of fresh Alaskan seafood. There is also a post office, public library and a grocery store. Mobile E.M.T. and fire department services are at the Hyder Community Center. There is no bank in Hyder.

Things To Do

A walking tour map is available from Northern Stars Gifts. On the walking tour you will see The Old Stone Storehouse erected by D.D. Gaillard when he explored Portland Canal in 1896. This storehouse is on the National (US) Register of Historic Sites. Thousands of pilings at tidewater in Hyder are reminders of the 1948 fire which destroyed the flourishing town that had been built over the ocean. Editor’s note: As tourism increases to Alaska and the Yukon, many of the qualities that attracted the original visitors are lost. Stewart and Hyder still have all the good things and have not been “commercialized,” so you feel you are always “on tour.” Nice people in one of the most beautiful surroundings in the North. Don’t miss this opportunity to see it as it was.

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