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The Pratt Museum

The Pratt Museum is located in Homer, Alaska. It is surrounded by the Kachemak Bay, an area rich in both culture and wildlife. All aspects of the region are displayed in various exhibits at the museum. This includes art, history, and science of the area.

The anthropology section of the museum houses over 4,000 artifacts from local archaeological digs. Because of the strong trapping and whaling industry, the historical center in the museum displays tools of the trade. Walking tours give visitors more insight into the natural history of the town, and bi-weekly fish feedings teach visitors about local marine life. There are special events featuring different holidays, known as “free days.” These days offer family friendly activities.

During the summer, there are youth internships to help educate local high school students. Also available for students of all ages is an after-school program, in which students can help care for the aquatic animals on exhibit. For the past few years, the museum has been looking to expand and offer even more services to both locals and visitors of the area.

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