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Kachemak Bay State Park

Explore the vast wilderness of the rugged Alaskan landscape at Kachemak Bay State Park in Homer, Alaska. Kachemak Bay State Park boasts over twenty five miles of trails showcasing Alaskan's stunning landscape and terrain.

Visitors of all skill levels will find a fantastic trail to explore Alaska's raw and natural landscape and biodiversity. Kachemak Bay State Park is a protected wilderness area that is comprised of over four hundred thousand acres. Most of the Kachemak Bay State Park remains untouched by roads and visitors fly or boat into the area to admire this rugged landscape.

Kachemak Bay is home to diverse terrain and wildlife including black bears, moose, puffins, porpoises, sea otters, sea lions and whales. Visitors to Kachemak Bay State Park will be treated to breathtaking views of mountain scenery, glaciers, waterfalls and untouched coastline.

The dynamic Kachemak Bay State Park offers a variety of adventure and wilderness opportunities from mild trails to expert hiking, climbing and kayaking. Kachemak Bay is a modern rarity, a huge expanse of land that remains mostly untouched my human expansion allowing visitors to admire the splendor of the natural world and the majesty of Alaska



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