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Homer Spit

Homer Spit is a captivating geographical landmark that welcomes visitors to the small rustic charm of Homer, Alaska. The spit itself is a strip of land that jetties into the bay creating a unique habitat right around the water.

Homer Spit is home to a tiny frontier town and a thriving boating and fishing community. Visitors to Homer Spit can enjoy picturesque small shops and take a leisurely stroll throughout town. Avid fisherman can fish right on the spit or employ one of the many charters to take advantage of some fabulous fishing. Visitors can enjoy the Spit's unique wildlife and admire beautiful eagles and sea lions.

Visitors to Homer Spit can enjoy the charming small town ambiance and grab a meal at one of the fine local eateries. Homer Spit offers miles of beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets and breathtaking views of Alaskan scenery and glaciers. Homer Spit offers lovely campgrounds, rustic hotels and historic buildings nestled among stunning mountain scenery that will enchant visitors from around the world.

Homer Spit is a magical retreat that delivers the best of Alaskan wildlife and majestic landscapes in a charming small town package. Retreat from the hectic pace of daily life and make Homer Spit your net Alaskan adventure and retreat.



When Visiting the Kenai Peninsula, reserve your suite in Homer:

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3255 Sterling Highway · Homer · Alaska · 99603 · 907-235-1972

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