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The Fireweed Gallery

The Fireweed Gallery, located at 475 E. Pioneer Ave. in Homer, Alaska, by the gorgeous Kachemak Bay, has been offering a large and exciting variety of contemporary artwork sine 1994. The products at this gallery range from paintings and photography to 3-dimensional products such as sculptures and even jewelry.

This exciting and wide-ranging gallery gives a great chance for local Alaskan artists to showcase their work. It also provides a great opportunity to own a beautiful piece of authentic artwork created by a skilled Alaskan artist. The gallery will often have specific events and exhibits to show a specific artist’s work, or a variety of artists’ works of a similar theme.

The staff at Fireweed is very knowledgeable about the Homer area and will be glad to help all visitors not only with the products displayed at the gallery but also the various services and locations around the area.

Any visitor to the area will be very happy if they decide to stop in to the gallery, which is open seven days a week for most of the year, and closed only on Sundays in the winter.



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