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Carl E. Wynn Nature Center

For visitors of Homer Alaska, the Carl E. Wynn Nature Center offers a scenic-but-tame escape into the wilds of the United State’s northernmost state. Donated in 1990 by the Carl E. Wynn foundation in order to preserve the beauty of this plot of land, the Center doubles as both a day-trip destination for travelers and also as an active wildlife refuge, with most of the land used as a safe haven for migrating animals like bears and moose.

Explore an undisturbed piece of Alaskan beauty at the Wynn Nature Center. The Wynn Nature Center features a beautiful scenic vista and gentle nature trails to explore the phenomenal beauty of the local flora, fauna, and wildlife of Alaska. The Center is located on the bluffs that look out over the city, which makes for some memorable views.

The Wynn Center is a non profit organization that was founded in 1990 to preserve this special piece of land. The Wynn Nature center features an interpretive cabin where visitors can learn about rustic Alaskan life and the history of the area. A trail network of over five miles offers visitors easy access to this remarkable piece of wilderness.

The Wynn Nature center is renowned for its beautiful collection of wildflowers that cover the tranquil trails. The trails guide visitors through open meadows to forests and are filled with birds, wildlife and dazzling fauna. After a hike on the trail visitors can sit back and relax on a bench on one of the viewing platforms. The viewing platforms provide a fantastic opportunity to admire Alaskan's mountain scenery and splendor.

The Wynn Nature center is local treasure and a wonderful destination for visitors of all ages. Enjoy a picnic, a touch of history, bird watching and an unbelievable display of wildflowers at this magical locale. The Wynn Nature Center celebrates a wilderness and wildlife in an enchanted setting that will delight visitors from around the world.

The center is only open to the public during the summer months, usually at the same time that school is out, and visitors should be prepared to pay a small fee to help support the Center and its mission to protect this land and all of its inhabitants.



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