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Green River Gorge Rafting

A surprisingly deep and breathtakingly beautiful river canyon, carved through soft sandstone by the Green River, lies within a thirty-minute drive from many points in the Puget Sound basin.

Its appeal for families lies in the idyllic wilderness quality of the gorge itself. As you drop 300 to 400 feet down steep trails or steps to the riverbanks, you drop away from the sounds and compulsions of urban life. Children are fascinated by the walls, caves, and bridges carved into solid stone by the energy, force, and power of the water.

The Green River originates on the Cascade crest at Green Pass on Blowout Mountain, many miles distant; passes over Howard Hansen Dam, which affects its flow volume; and ultimately empties into the Duwamish River. For a wonderful 10 to 12 miles its channel deepens into a gorge unlike anything else on this side of the Cascades.

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