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Saskatoon Island Provincial Park

There are certain places in Canada that you wish to visit again and again because you get so much impressed by the location in your very first visit. The Saskatoon Island Provincial Park is one such place in Grand Prairie, Alberta, where you feel like being in a totally different world.

Situated just 20 km west of Grand Prairie, the park is rated among the best four parks in the city. You will enjoy all the activities in the park, including the long stretch of walking trails that can give you the kind of mental relaxation you want. The indefinite trees that dot the entire route makes the area greener than you might anticipate before stepping into the park. Kids will definitely find the park a great place to be because there is a beautiful playground to keep them busy. The park is certainly an ideal spot for camping and you just can’t miss the beach water experience.

Although the park is big, you still manage to find it as a nice quite place to relax. The chirping of birds in the nearby sanctuary adds to the thrill. In all, the Saskatoon Island Provincial Park is a place worth visiting with your whole family.

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