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Muskoseepi Park

There can be several important locations to tour in Canada, in general, and the province of Alberta, in particular. But if you've not been to Muskoseepi Park even once it means you've missed out on one of the most popular vacation spots.

Running through the heart of the city of Grand Prairie, the Muskoseepi Park showcases the rich cultural heritage and the abundant natural beauty of the region. Featuring over 1100 acres of parkland with six distinct areas providing their own special opportunities, the park has been a hunting ground for a large number of people ever since it was left open for public access in 1986. For the visiting tourists from outside Alberta and abroad, the Muskoseepi Park, created by the Heritage Trust Fund, is definitely a spectacular spot. Interestingly, Centennial Park area, the site of the heart of Muskoseepi Park, has been viewed as a gathering place for the entire region for a very long time.

With every passing year, the park has been continually improving the facilities, and the resurfaced tennis courts and the upgraded outdoor pool are shining examples of some of the work. The climbing wall and skateboard park are also added attractions of the park.

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