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Heritage Discovery Center

If you have not taken your kids to the Heritage Discovery Center in Grand Prairie, Alberta till date it means you're doing a gross injustice to them because the centre is exclusively dedicated to children, who have so much to see and learn.

Depicting the history of the Peace River country from the ice age, the Discovery Centre is a must-visit place for school-going children as they have a lot to discover here. The Center offers, among others, birthday parties and school tours and educational programs that are worth utilizing for children. The school tours and educational programs are specifically designed to go with school curriculum so that school children who visit the centre in groups stand to benefit immensely. There is no doubt that the kids will enjoy Discovery Dinosaurs, and the dinosaur videos, in particular, is a treat to watch.

The birthday party offers museum tour, crafts and games, juice oxes and birthday cake, and goodie bag, and is best suited for children in the age group of 6 to 11. Without causing any more disappointment to your kids, gear up to arrange a trip to the popular Heritage Discovery centre in Grand Prairie, Alberta.

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