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Grande Prairie Live Theatre

The Grande Prairie Live Theatre is an eponymous theatre company in Grande Prairie, Alberta. It is a small playhouse, with under 200 seats, but this is certainly not to its detriment!

The company runs the Second Street Theatre. This non-profit theatre has existed for over 45 years, and it runs some very unique shows that you won't be able to find anywhere else. The Grande Prairie Live Theatre is home to a variety of plays, concerts, and even a film festival.

Offering plays both original and popular, local and international, they make a point to emphasize the important of narrative and the emotions that drive these powerful plays. They offer also dinner with most plays, making it the perfect setting for a date night or a family outing. Music is no stranger to the Grande Prairie Live Theatre, which hosts local artists from Alberta and touring artists all over the world. The theatre is also the home of special events such as movie nights and film festivals.

If you're looking to visit a theatre with a truly unique touch, the Grande Prairie Live Theatre will give you the opportunity to get your fill of the arts!

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