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The Centre for Creative Arts

The Centre for Creative Arts in Grande Prairie Alberta provides the Peace Region with a wealth of opportunity to view as well as create expression through art. From young children to established professional artists, all walks of life may take advantage of opportunity at The Centre for Creative Arts.

At the Centre for Creative Arts visitors may view guest pieces of art often exhibited from world renown artists. It serves a purpose as a community art museum. However, the centre also provides a tremendous opportunity for those who would like to enhance their skills in different artistic areas or even to learn as a beginner. The centre provides classes and shops for all skill levels of artists. Local artists may also receive a great amount of support as well as exposure. The gift shop at the Centre for Creative Arts sells works of art exclusively from local artists. The centre hosts new exhibits on a regular basis that may be enjoyed by all visitors. Another perk provided is a meeting place for local art associations.

The Centre for Creative Arts is a great way to spend a day and perhaps enhance one's knowledge about art and provide a different view of the world. Don't miss out on a very culturally relevant location and be sure to check out an exhibit!

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