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The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie

The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie will be the cultural highlight of your next trip to Alberta. Located in a grand historical building that once served as the town's high school this spectacular gallery showcases the finest art of Alberta.

A non commercial, endeavor, The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie is dedicated to providing the community with the finest art and cultural experience. A community gathering place, The Gallery at Grande Prairie showcases acclaimed international artwork as well as highlighting talented emerging artists. The Gallery at Grand Prairie features an interactive exhibit that solicits interaction from guests. This dynamic exhibit is a fantastic way for children to discover the joys of art. The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie features a permanent collection of over six hundred works of twentieth century art that showcases the best of Alberta's artists. In addition to this impressive array of art, The Gallery at Grande Prairie features monthly exhibits that brings the best of the art world to Grande Prairie.

A local treasure that art lovers and visitors from around the world will adore, The Art Gallery at Grande Prairie is an inspiring culture center that captures the creativity and generous spirit of the Canadian population.

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