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Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie is a small city in Northeastern Alberta Canada. The city's population is about 55,000. The main industries in the area are oil and gas exploration and agriculture. Grande Prairie is a service center for those industries.

There are many attractions in the Grande Prairie area, including many attractions featuring the arts, something many might not expect in an area with such heavy industry. Here's a sampling of some of the Grande Prairie attractions.

Muskoseepi Park - There can be several important locations to tour in Canada, in general, and the province of Alberta, in particular. But if you've not been to Muskoseepi Park even once it means you've missed out on one of the most popular vacation spots.

The Centre for Creative Arts - The Centre for Creative Arts in Grande Prairie Alberta provides the Peace Region with a wealth of opportunity to view as well as create expression through art. From young children to established professional artists, all walks of life may take advantage of opportunity at The Centre for Creative Arts.

The L Spa - Relax, unwind and indulge yourself in a luxurious experience a the L Spa in Grande Prairie Alberta Canada. An invigorating retreat, The L Spa provides a welcome respite from the hectic bustle of daily life.

The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie - The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie will be the cultural highlight of your next trip to Alberta. Located in a grand historical building that once served as the town's high school this spectacular gallery showcases the finest art of Alberta.

Grand Prairie Stompede - Enjoy an exciting slice of the country life at the Grand Prairie Stompede in Alberta, Canada. A fun filled western event, The annual Grand Prairie Stompede celebrates local pioneer frontier spirit.

The Great Northern Casino - The Great Northern Casino lights up northern Alberta with dazzling nightlife and entertainment. The ultimate destination for sensational gambling and headline entertainment, Great Northern Casino is an exciting and memorable destination.

Saskatoon Island Provincial Park - There are certain places in Canada that you wish to visit again and again because you get so much impressed by the location in your very first visit. The Saskatoon Island Provincial Park is one such place in Grand Prairie, Alberta, where you feel like being in a totally different world.

Grande Prairie Golf and Country Club - Playing golf can ease one’s mind, and very few things bring a golfer more happiness than a great golf course and country club. If you are an enthusiastic golfer, take a look at the Grande Prairie Golf and Country Club in Grande Prairie Alberta.

The Grande Prairie Live Theatre - The Grande Prairie Live Theatre is an eponymous theatre company in Grande Prairie, Alberta. It is a small playhouse, with under 200 seats, but this is certainly not to its detriment!

The Grande Prairie Museum - The Grande Prairie Museum is a professional museum located in Grand Prairie in Muskoseepi Park in the province of Alberta, Canada. The museum is across Bear Creek from the City’s Centennial Park, and is operated by the city.

Wapiti Nordic Centre - A short drive South of Highway 40 will bring you to the scenic Wapiti Nordic Centre. If you think you've seen the place before, you have-- in 1995 this idyllic park was home to the exciting ski competitions of the Canadian Winter Games.

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