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Voigt House Victorian Museum

The Voigt House Victorian Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan, offers a seldom-seen glimpse into the lives of the Voigt family more than one hundred years ago. This unique exhibit is administered by the Grand Rapids Public Museum, and is located in Grand Rapids’ Heritage Hill Historic District.

The Voigt House features the main house, carriage house, and estate grounds, preserved as it was decorated and used in the Victorian Era. The three-story museum features paintings, furnishings, clothing, and everyday household items that reflect the style and tastes of this historical period, and gives guests a special look into the life of a prominent American family at the turn of the 20th century. The house is so remarkably preserved that the original carpets still adorn its floors, and the artwork on its walls remains unchanged since it was home to the Voigts.

While the museum is currently not open to the public, if you’re headed to Grand Rapids, check to see if the museum has reopened before you go. The Voigt House Victorian Museum is truly a rare and special chance to experience first-hand the daily life of an early Midwestern American family.

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