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Van Andel Arena

The Van Andel Arena is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is quickly making a name for itself in the entertainment industry. The arena hosts concerts, family events, and hockey games throughout the year, and always has something exciting coming up on the calendar.

A $1.2 million renovation and expansion in fall 2010 has made the arena even more exciting, giving it an additional 3500 square feet of space. A restaurant, lounge, banquet rooms, catering, and VIP suites are among the many amenities in the Van Andel Arena, named for Jay and Betty Van Andel. This 12,000 seat entertainment powerhouse is helping to make Grand Rapids a live music hotspot and exciting tourist destination. Billboard magazine ranked the Van Andel Arena as one of the top grossing theaters in its class worldwide, and voted Top Live Performance Venue in 2010 by the Grand Rapids Press and readers.

Come see what all of the excitement is about today! Get your tickets to a coming attraction and experience all that Grand Rapids has to offer.

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