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Thornapple Pointe Golf Club

The Thornapple Pointe Golf Club, located in Grand Rapids, Missouri, is a beautifully landscaped, 18 hole course that offers more than just a friendly round of golf.

The course guides you along a 7,000 foot long stretch of the Thornapple River where you are exposed to rolling hills, forested fairways and untouched wetlands. Their innovative GPS system offers accurate yardage distance to each hole as well as the overall design of each hole. The extremely professional and experienced golf staff adds to the elegant nature behind Thornapple Point.

Currently their rates are divided into Monday through Thursday, Friday through Sunday with the addition of Twilight and Senior rates. Monday through Thursday is the most discounted experience with a rate of $13 for walking or $20 for a cart on nine holes and $22 for walking and $36 for a cart on eighteen holes.

Thornapple Pointe also offers birthday celebrations as well as Wedding ceremonies among other special occasions. You can visit the online site to learn more about their rates and services as well as to visit their extensive online store to shop for your golf gear.

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