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Lake Michigan Beach

Escape to a stunning beach landscape without traveling to the coast at Lake Michigan Beach. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, the Lake Michigan Beach provides an exquisite shoreline destination.

Lake Michigan Beach provides dazzling panorama views of fresh blue water spanning all the way to the horizon. An American midwest treasure, Lake Michigan Beach offers powder soft beaches and miles of shoreline that's sure to delight visitors worldwide. From family fun in the sand to romantic walks along the beach, Lake Michigan Beach provides a memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

Lake Michigan Beach was recently recognized by Condé Nast Traveler as one of America's best twenty five beaches. Relax in the sand, build sand castles with the kids, go fishing fish, stroll miles of shoreline, or simply admire the magnificent beauty of nature. With miles of shoreline and beautiful beaches to explore, Lake Michigan Beach will keep you coming back for more.

Lake Michigan Beach is conveniently located near Grand Rapids, Michigan, a bustling metropolitan city full of engaging destinations and dynamic nightlife. Explore the many innovative restaurants, museums, entertainment events and upscale shopping. You can also explore any of the small shoreline towns, boutiques and charming lakeside restaurants. Small town charm, to big city appeal, and pristine nature, Lake Michigan Beach has it all.

Lake Michigan Beach provides is the perfect lakeside haven. Enjoy breathtaking beaches and admire one of North America's greatest lakes. Marvel at the dazzling blue lake water that dazzles on a monumental scale, Lake Michigan resembles a stunning freshwater ocean. Enjoy the beauties of nature and the delights of a cosmopolitan entertainment all in one amazing destination.

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