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John Ball Zoo

The John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids Michigan is one of the state’s most popular attractions. In fact, the educational zoo ranks 4th in most visited cultural facilities in Michigan. It also has the second largest animal collection in the state.

One of must see exhibits the zoo boasts is a large 1/3 acre Chimpanzee habitat. The endangered primates are surrounded by greenery that creates an almost ideal environment for them. Children and adults alike will be thrilled to see the interactive Aquarium and may even possibly get to touch certain vertebrae in the water.

One of the newest exhibits at the zoo is the Bissell’s Lions of Lake Manyara. The exhibit is one of the largest in the nation and gives visitors a wonderful view of the lions in a unique habitat where they are known to even climb trees! A part of the exhibit actually includes a rock that is both inside and outside, and children are thrilled they can share a rock with lions.

Tourist and locals in Michigan should be sure to include the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids in their itinerary. The zoo is both educational and entertaining. Adults and children will leave there feeling in touch with the world around them while having enjoyed a wonderful experience.

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