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DeVos Place

DeVos Place is a high end convention center situated in the lovely city of Grand Rapids, the very heart of Michigan. Transforming itself into the centre of attraction and togetherness, DeVos place is well acclaimed for its architectural brilliance and a series of breath taking events, being hosted there regularly.

DeVos place features a well-balanced and rich package for a desired holiday. The main attractions include 2,404 seated DeVos performance hall, four museums, ultra-modern night clubs, the 12,000 seated Van Andel Arena and some of the world’s finest dining areas. Devos performance hall is considered as one among the most prestigious areas to perform, with quite a few globally recognized artists entertaining people here. The DeVos place shows are the among most desired-to see shows in this part of the world.

Besides entertainment, DeVos place also facilitates a number of meeting areas, of exceptional quality and services. Commercial establishments who are leading the global market are known to host their prestigious events out here. DeVos place is all set to welcome you, with a range of world class accommodation facilities within walking distance and this includes the Four-Star Amway Grand Plaza Hotel and The JW Marriott.

With wide-space parking areas, 24 hours transportation facilities, well established hang outs and innumerable attraction around the area, DeVos place is waiting to welcome you and your expectations.

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