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DeltaPlex Arena and Conference Center

Built in 1952, the DeltaPlex Arena and Conference Center is Grand Rapids’ premier sports, entertainment, trade show, and convention destination. Formerly called the Turner Arena, Stadium Arena, and Grand Rapids Stadium, the DeltaPlex has been home to many different sports franchises in basketball, indoor football, and ice hockey, and currently hosts the Grand Rapids chapter of indoor motorsports promotion Arena Racing USA. T

he DeltaPlex also regularly offers concert performances by world-famous recording artists, with recent performances by acts such as 3 Doors Down, DJ Tiesto, and Rob Zombie. Family and children’s programming is another specialty of the arena, showcasing musical entertainment, circuses, and more. And when the DeltaPlex isn’t featuring live shows, the facility is often in-demand for trade shows and conferences.

The next time you head to Grand Rapids, make sure you check out the upcoming events at the DeltaPlex Arena and Conference Center before you leave. You might catch your favorite musical act, see an exciting local sports event, or discover a fun-filled afternoon of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. With ample parking and over 4,000 seats, you owe it to yourself to experience all that the DeltaPlex has to offer.

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