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The Circle Theatre

The Circle Theatre in Grand Rapids, Michigan is a local venue for theatrical events. The theater sells both tickets for single events and also season tickets for all events taking place in a year. The 2013 lineup includes such theatrical productions as The Wedding Singer, Wait Until Dark, The Mystical Tale of Aladdin, The Marvelous Wonderettes: Caps & Gowns , Boeing-Boeing and Sweeny Todd.

With shows taking place almost typically every day of the week when a production is in place, there are plenty of opportunities for people in the community to get involved and be entertained by local talent. Reasonably priced, tickets for these productions allow local theater-goers the chance to see their favorite productions or experience a new one. The Circle Theatre in Grand Rapids encourages further community involvement through volunteer opportunities and opportunities for donations as well as sponsorships to the theater.

Whether someone is from the Grand Rapids area or visiting, the Circle Theatre is a great destination that will entertain and inspire. Tickets can be purchased either online or through the box office at the theater.

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