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Art Gallery - Grand Valley State University

With a permanent collection of over 11,000 works, the Art Gallery of Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is home to a diverse and captivating array of art from local, national, and international artists.

These works are on display throughout the Grand Valley State University’s many campuses, but the focal point of the collection is housed in the Performing Arts Center of the main campus, and offers visitors a unique aesthetic experience free of charge.

The collection is divided up into a number of separate galleries, and each offers a constantly-changing series of exhibits ranging from student work to pieces by notable artists around the world. The gallery also hosts a lecture series, holds frequent contests, and offers many special events, making it an integral part of cultural life not only for the students and faculty of the University, but for local residents and guests as well. Visitors and art enthusiasts can even view many of the gallery’s works using its online collection at the Grand Valley State University homepage, and plan which pieces they want to see well in advance.

Free admission and the vast array of artistic offerings make the Grand Valley State University Art Gallery a must-see for any lover of art traveling to the area.

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