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African African-American Historical Museum

Located at 436 East Douglas Avenue in Fort Wayne Indiana is the African African-American Historical Museum. This museum is rich in history and information pertaining to the African and African-American culture locally in Fort Wayne, and around the world.

The museum is open Tuesday – Friday 9am – 1pm, Saturday 12pm – 4pm, and by appointment on Sundays. Hana L. Stith and Miles Edwards, two African American teachers, began their work in 1975 at the Allen County Historical Museum. Due to the lacking preservation of African American history, they set out to begin collecting information for the African African-American Historical Museum. After 25 years, the museum was opened in February 2000.

Visitors to the museum can experience the history through 10 major exhibits. These include archives featuring black inventors, African artifacts, how African slaves were brought into American, contributions from African Americans to the world of music, sports archives, the underground railroad, dynamic African American individuals from the local Fort Wayne community, African heroes throughout history, African American involvement in politics, and an exhibit dedicated to William E. Warfield an important citizen in Fort Wayne’s history.

This charming museum offers an educational and enriching way to spend you day in Fort Wayne. You will be glad that you decided to stop by, explore, and learn something new.

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