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Grand Forks

Grand Forks is a small town located in the region of British Columbia, Canada. However, with its natural settings and colorful heritage of farmland, it does not look like any other small town you have in mind. Even in today’s modern world, Grand Forks still offers wilderness to the point where wild deer is a daily sight on city streets.

Everything in the town is all about adventures for hikers, anglers, cyclist, and swimmers. Pedestrians in downtown area also inevitably enjoy the pleasing architectural and arts history. Along the driving route that leads to orchards and farm, there are many different kinds of heritage sites as well.

Behind Grand Forks’ good-natural-looking, there is a traumatic history when in 1908 and 1911, fire devastated the downtown core mainly because most (if not all) buildings were constructed with wooden frames. A year after the fire, a group of pacifist Russian known as Doukhobors began to settle in the area for farming. This movement continued until two years after a second disaster. Many residents of Grand Forks today are descendant of the Doukhobors. There are about 4,000 residents in an area as wide as 4 square miles.

Another major point in this place’s history happened more recently - in 1991 - when CP Railway Co. decided to abandon the railway in the middle of the town, allowing Trans-Canada Trail to take over the right of way.

Grand Forks has everything that every adventurer wishes for. It has the elevation for hikers, rivers for swimmers and water sports enthusiasts, beaches for leisure seekers, festivals for party lovers. The Phoenix Mountain is often claimed to be the best little ski hill in British Columbia. It is located about 28 km west of Grand Forks, making it very close to a historical copper mine. In fact, this particular copper mine was the first thing to put Grand Forks on the map.

Snowboarders would love to take on the challenges from the mixed terrain. The annual average of snowfall reaches 900cm, allowing for the best skiing condition from mid-December through March. It has a north-facing slope to keep the snow going for best late season conditions as well. Average winter temperature is -5°C.

Just because Grand Forks is a small town, it does not mean you cannot find lots of interesting things to do. This town hosts a number of annual festivals; one of the most popular is the Grand Forks International Baseball Tournament on Labour Day weekend. Participants vary each year, but at least you can expect regular competitors such as teams from U.S. and Canada.

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