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Area: 114.1 square miles
Population: 554 (2000 census)
County: Valdez-Cordova

Glennallen is known for its outstanding scenery and great fishing. If you spend time in communities like this you will understand one of Alaska's biggest assets, its people. Glennallen is the center of the Copper River Basin one of Alaska's premier outdoor recreation areas. It is bordered by four mountain ranges that includes the largest National Park in the United States, and dozens of beautiful rivers. Needless to say the fishing is superb in many of them. There are so many things to do in the area that you will only be bounded by the amount of time you have decided to spend here. There is an excellent brochure available from the Greater Copper Valley Chamber of Commerce at:

PO Box 469
Glennallen, AK 99588


Glennallen Community Chapel, mile 188.5 Glenn Highway. Bible believing fundamentalists. Jonathan Linebaugh, Pastor. Sunday School 9:45am, Sunday Worship 11am, Sunday Evening Service 6pm, Thursday Night Prayer Meeting 7pm. 907-822-3499.

Staying in Glennallen?

Caribou Hotel

187 Glenn Highway Glennallen AK 99588 907-822-3302

Copper Valley Air Service

Mile 118 Richardson Highway Glennallen AK 99588 907-822-4200

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