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In the beautiful state of Georgia the climate is wonderful. With hot summers and mild winters with not a lot of snow fall makes Georgia a great place to want to visit.

In Atlanta, Georgia there is plenty to do for all ages. Such as, lego land and fox theater. Both are a ton of fun! Are you an Braves fan? There is always time to visit Turner Field where your braves play! More of the outdoors type you say? Hiking the six mile around trip of the Raven Cliffs. There is some tough climbing to take place along with water falls on this hike but you wont be disappointed at all. If tough hiking doesnt sound fun but you want to be outside there are several state parks all over Georgia to visit. Such as, Skidaway State Park where you can camp over night or just visit for the day trip.

There is a lot of history made in Georgia and plenty of historical places to visit. Many also offer walking tours so nothing is missed while visiting. You will not have a boring moment while visiting in Geogria.|

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