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Gallatin Broad River Rafting

The Gallatin River, found in Southwestern Montana, is a beautiful western trout stream worthy of recognition. From its source in Yellowstone National Park, it flows over 100 miles before reaching the Missouri River. During its journey the Gallatin passes through "breath taking" canyons and open meadows. The river is open all year with a Special Regulation section.

Rainbows, cutthroats, and browns all make up the population of trout in these waters. Yellowstone National Park gives birth to the Gallatin just inside the northwest boundary. The river is a small brushy stream met by Route 191 a few miles before leaving the park. As the river flows north along Route 191 it begins to gain volume, depth, and width as it nears Belgrade. At Belgrade the Gallatin picks up Route 90 and parallels it to its end at the Missouri river.

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