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Wood Buffalo Viewing Point and Bison Sanctuary

Travel back in time to a world where bison roamed the land and visit the Wood Buffalo Viewing Point and Bison Sanctuary in Fort McMurray Canada. Wood Buffalo is a charming little offshoot of Fort McMurray nestled in a rich forest valley.

Surrounded by woods and forests, and close to a bustling oil sands industry, the community is dedicated to preserving as much as the land and wildlife as possible. Buffalo Viewing Point is a unique expanse of protected land that houses a herd of bison. Wood bison are Canada's largest terrestrial mammals, proud beautiful beasts with shaggy hair, a prominent humped back, short legs and majestic horns. This reclaimed land protects these spectacular animals.

Visitors to the viewing point can catch a glimpse bison grazing or relaxing in the sun. The Buffalo Viewing Point and Bison Sanctuary feature a monument describing the history of the area,a scenic viewing point and several trails along the river. This land was once an active part of the city but in an effort to preserve and protect the area's natural resources and repay the native populations, the city gifted the land back creating an inspiring eco-tourism destination.

Buffalo Viewing Point and Bison Sanctuary is a spectacular opportunity to view a magnificent animal that once roamed the land freely but now can only be found in rare isolated havens or zoos. The Buffalo Viewing Point is an inspiring glimpse into how cities can thrive in industry but still protect the natural beauty and wildlife that make the land so great. Nature and human expansion thrive together in harmony in this little inlet of isolated reforested growth and wildlife splendor.

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