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Marine Park

Journey back to a time before modern mainland transportation where river transport was king. Without the aid of modern machinery, river transportation was key to bring human expansion and civilization into Canada's wilderness. Marine Park in Albert celebrates a fundamental chapter in Canadian history and treats visitors into a unique look at a forgotten time in history.

Marine Park is a four acre site situated on the Clearwater River. A picturesque locale nestled amongst a stunning natural backdrop, Marine Park treats visitors to a fascinating historical experience. All freight into the northern territories was transported by rail to the Marine Park port and loaded onto river freighters to navigate the perilous icy rivers all the way to the northern Arctic Circle fueling human expansion itself into Canada.

Home to five river freighters and barges, Marine Park showcases the amazing world of commerce, freight and human expansion. Visitors can explore Canadian history with a fascinating collection of historical artifacts and photographs that chronicle Canadian's unique past. Visitors can enjoy a charming picnic and take in the grandeur of the natural splendor of Canada and learn a little piece of forgotten North American history.

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