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MacDonald Island Park

For visitors looking for entertainment and excitement in Alberta Canada, they need look no farther than the MacDonald Island Park. A preeminent sports and entertainment establishment, MacDonald Island Park offers ground breaking concerts, sporting events and fun filled activities for the entire family. MacDonald Island is the largest social center in Canada and is host to fabulous entertainment and recreational activities.

MacDonald Island Park is situated against a picturesque forest and river backdrop making it a fabulous sports and adventure destinations. In addition to hosting arts and entertainment, MacDonald Island Park is a dynamic sporting destination. MacDonald Island Park features an entire aqua center including water park and swimming pools. Rock climbing, an adventure camp, a premiere gym and fitness center, and a golf course are all housed in one spectacular and convenient location.

MacDonald Island is a destination for the arts and entertainment. Enjoy a film at the cinema, dance with the royal academy or take in a concert at all of MacDonald's Island Park's exciting entertainment venues. For fans of the arts, visitors can browse extensive art galleries and enjoy festival events. Excitement and entertainment never cease at Alberta's MacDonald Island Park.

With an exciting new event every day of the week, this dynamic center delivers memorable experiences to entertain and delight visitors of all ages. Every trip to MacDonald Island Park is guaranteed to deliver unforgettable excitement!

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