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Heritage Park

The Heritage Park is an attraction found in Fort McMurray, Alberta. This is a historical heritage park featuring genuine, authentic, buildings and relics from the past. These are not replicas! This is a chance to see buildings and landscapes just as they would have been at the time. You do not need an appointment or any kind of guide to be with you to go through the park.

The Heritage Park of Fort McMurray is open all summer long and people are allowed to come and go as they please. This is a unique opportunity to come and see some very interesting things from the past of the Indiginous peoples in the area, too.

The Heritage Park features a genuine trapper’s cabin that has been there for over a century. They also have an old drugstore that you can walk into and browse around. You'll really get a glimpse into the past. They also have a Catholic Mission that is fascinating given the recent history of those institutions. This is a really interesting opportunity that should not be missed. If you are in Fort McMurray, check it out.

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