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Fort McMurray Art Gallery

Celebrate the local landscape, history and culture of the magnificent Fort McMurray area on your next visit to Canada at the Fort McMurray Art Gallery. An expansive art gallery featuring local artists and new exhibits every month, this local treasure showcases the best the province has to offer.

From internationally acclaimed artists, to students and indigenous tribal artisan crafts, visitors are guaranteed to find a piece of art that will inspire and delight. The gallery features dynamic exhibits that change every month the art gallery features original art that celebrates the natural beauty and innovative artistic spirit of the Canadian people.

Visitors will view stunning watercolors, oil paintings, wood carvings, native soapstone reliefs, sculptures, photography, ceramic arts and more. The Fort McMurray Art Gallery also celebrates the indigenous tribes and northern aboriginal art and tribal crafts. Explore a window into a fascinating world where ancient arts are preserved and revered. Visitors can view unique sculptures and art made from unique local material like caribou hair and birch bark.

The Fort McMurray art gallery is a captivating destination that will introduce visitors to the magical beauty of Canada. In a land that celebrates the raw natural beauty of the land and rich historical background, visitors of all ages and backgrounds will be spellbound by this magical journey into art.

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