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Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray is located in Alberta, Canada and is not considered a city, rather an urban service area. The closest city is Edmonton, about a five hour drive southwest.

The world famous Oil Sands of Alberta surround Fort McMurray. As a result, oil production is the heart of the economy in Fort McMurray, and for this reason the area has grown and declined based on the oil industry. At certain times of the year, the well-known northern lights are easily seen from the area and there are many tours that offer trips to the best viewing spots.

Although the winters are long and cold, the summers are warm and it is easy to enjoy the many outdoor activities. This includes canoeing, hiking, and hiking. Surrounded by rivers and forest, the area is an adventurer’s playground. Hunting lodges are scattered throughout the area, and they offer some great vacation deals to tourists. There are even several golf courses available to both tourists and locals. Another popular tourist destination, the oil sands offer daily tours and visitors can learn about the mining process. Although it may not be a city, Fort McMurray is a great place to live or visit.

Marine Park - Journey back to a time before modern mainland transportation where river transport was king.

McDonald Island Park - A preeminent sports and entertainment establishment, MacDonald Island Park offers ground breaking concerts, sporting events and fun filled activities for the entire family.

Alberta Oil Sands - Visit Alberta Oil Sands in Fort McMurray, Alberta, to learn about the history and how the oil sands function.

The Oil Sands Discovery Centre in Fort McMurray is located in the Athabasca Oil Sands, one of the largest natural oil reserves in the world.

Fort McMurray Art Gallery - Celebrate the local landscape, history and culture of the magnificent Fort McMurray area on your next visit to Canada at the Fort McMurray Art Gallery.

Wood Buffalo Viewing Point and Bison Sanctuary - Travel back in time to a world where bison roamed the land and visit the Wood Buffalo Viewing Point and Bison Sanctuary in Fort McMurray Canada.

The Heritage Park is an attraction found in Fort McMurray, Alberta. This is a historical heritage park featuring genuine, authentic, buildings and relics from the past.

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