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Traces Golf Course

4322 Southborough Road Florence, SC 29501
(843) 662-7775

The Traces Golf Course is one among them that is located in heart of Florence SC on Southborough Rd. It is a semi-private facility and is open throughout the year. Traces Golf Club is one of the best in South Carolina!

It was built in 1999 and consists of a total of 27 holes that are divided into three courses of nine holes each. Any combination of these nine holes would be a round of golf for any caliber golfer. In addition to golf, it also includes a restaurant, shops, bars, and grills to accommodate visitors. Each course has its own peculiarity on the basis of their designs. The Woodland course has a layout of water and sand, Meadows with sand, water and pine trees and finally Creek Side with rolling hills and trees in the fairways.

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