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Rankin-Harwell House

5027 East Old Marion Hwy.
Florence, SC
(843) 669-6730

If you and your family are traveling to the South Carolina region, do yourself a favor and visit the historic Rankin-Harwell House in Florence, SC. This house was built in 1857 and really shows the amazing history of the beautiful south. On the exterior of the house itself are 22 perfectly shaped Doric columns. It is an ideal place to appreciate the south's rich history or even plan a classic wedding. The Rankin-Harwell House is also commonly known as "The Columns Plantation" due to its iconic exterior columns.

Although it is a private residence group tours are very common and also very well priced. It allows family's of all ages to really see the history of the great state of South Carolina. It is now on the National Register of Historic Places to ensure it will always be protected so families of all generations will all be able to enjoy its grace. So if you and your loved ones are in the Mars Bluff area of South Carolina, definitely stop by this majestic historical site. The architecture alone is worth the trip, not to mention the historical significance of homes such as this on Southern history. The next time you are looking for a weekend road trip, highly consider the Rankin-Harwell House in Florence, SC.

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