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The Pee Dee Farmers Market

2513 West Lucas Street, Florence, SC 29501
(843) 665-5154

The Pee Dee Farmers Market in Florence, SC is the place to go for every kind of fresh fruit and vegetable imaginable. Agriculture has long been a vital part of the Florence community, and curb markets have operated on this site since the 1880's.

The market operates Monday through Saturday year round and offers buyers seasonal produce as well as locally grown plants and flowers. In addition to the delectable merchandise, visitors can also experience history in the 100-year old red barn that was an original part of the property. A potter demonstrates his trade for several hours each day in the barn. His most popular pieces include the "Confederate Cup" and his "Batter Bowl". Each spring and fall the Pee Dee Market hosts a plant and flower festival. People from all over the United States make the trek to Florence to take part in these festivals. The spring festival takes place in April, and the fall festival occurs in October.

The Pee Dee Farmers Market promises fun for the entire family. From food, to flowers, to education and entertainment, this attraction is one that should not be missed!

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