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McLeod Medical Centre

555 East Cheves Street Florence, SC 29506
(843) 777-2000

McLeod Medical Centre in Florence is more than 100 years old in the field of medical excellence. It is one of the leading Medical Care Centers in northeastern region of South Carolina. It has all the latest technologies and equipments in the vast professional medical care. Cardiac care unit and the state-of the-art Surgical Tower featuring the “Operating Room of Tomorrow” are the specialty of McLeod Medical Center. It has all the categories of medication under one roof.

Following are some of the facilities that are available here. Emergency, Cancer center, Children’s hospital, Diabetics, Heart & Vascular Institute, Human motion specialists, Advanced Surgery Center, Neurology, Occupational Health, Ophthalmology, Ophthalmologic Surgery, Out Patient Wound Care, Radiology, Rehab Services, Urgent Care Center, Surgery, Breast Health Care, Women’s services etc. There is an online pre-registering facility available to ease the access for the convenience of the patients.

McLeod Medical Centre has a foundation showering generosity to the needy patients and their families. Thousands of people are benefited by the charity work executed by them with the help of the donations they receive from heartfelt donors.

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